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The purpose of this website is to provide information about the sports council, its activities and member clubs.


Prior to local government re-organisation in 1996, Dumbarton District Council and Clydebank District Council both ran individual Sports Council with different rules, etc but it was felt that with the District Council's merging to form West Dunbartonshire, that it was only sensible that the Sports Council did likewise. So in 1996, West Dunbartonshire Sports Council was formed.


The principle aim of the Sports Council is to assist clubs and individuals with help, either monetary or advisory to allow them to compete and run as effectively as they can. Each year, West Dunbartonshire Council awards a grant towards this aim and additional money is brought in through affiliations. Only clubs who are affiliated can apply for monies from the Sports Council and affiliations are renewed annually, clubs being notified of price before it becomes due on 1st April each year. In certain circumstances, if it is not possible for someone to affiliate through their club, i.e. in the event their club is in Glasgow or elsewhere out with the area, then they can apply as an individual member.


Each year at the Annual General Meeting in May, a new executive committee is elected comprising of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Each club affiliated is entitled to send a representative to the meetings and the more who attend the better. Two local councillors are also nominated onto the committee as well as representatives from WD Leisure Trust (Sports Development and Active Schools). The four main office bearers are essential or the Council will not grant assistance, and they stand for re-election each year.


NEW Talented Sports Performer Scheme

A new TSP Scheme has recently been introduced which combines the TSP Grant Scheme awarded by the Sports Council with the TSP Card Scheme administered by WD Leisure Trust.

The new scheme streamlines the application process by combining both awards on to one single application form. Applicants can apply for one or other award (grant or card) or both. Applicants should note that a successful application for the TSP Card does not guarantee that a TSP Grant will be awarded, as grants are dependent on sufficient funds being available to the Sports Council and minimum performance standards being met.

An information sheet and application form are available to download below.


Monthly Meetings

Meetings of the Sports Council are normally held on the third Monday in each month from September through to June inclusive.


Meetings alternate between the Play Drome SC in Clydebank and the Burgh Hall in Dumbarton.

Download Application Forms

» Affiliation Form for Sports Clubs and Organisations

» Individual Affiliation Form

» Grant Appliction by a Club

» Talented Sports Performer (TSP) Grant

» TSP Grant Information Sheet

» Grant application for a Coaching Qualification

» Grant application for sponsorship by a Club/Organisation