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West Dunbartonshire Sports Awards Winners 2013

Category Name Result
Young Person's Coach 2013 Phil Dolan Winner
Young Person's Coach 2013 John Munn Finalist
Young Person's Coach 2013 Stephen Daly Finalist
Community Coach 2013 Douglas MacKechnie Winner
Community Coach 2013 David Bell Finalist
Community Coach 2013 Graham Lawrence Finalist
Development Coach 2013 John Nicolson Winner
Development Coach 2013 Adam Malia Finalist
Development Coach 2013 Richard O'Malley Finalist
Volunteer 2013 David Smart Winner
Volunteer 2013 Alan Harrison FInalist
Volunteer 2013 Ronan McDermott Finalist
Young Volunteer 2013 Gayle Brown Winner
Young Volunteer 2013 John Douglas Finalist
Young Volunteer 2013 Cameron McClymont Finalist
Technical Official 2013 Billy Haggarty Winner
Technical Official 2013 Iain Norrie Finalist
Best Performing Junior Athlete 2013 Rachel Sugden Winner
Best Performing Junior Athlete 2013 Duncan Munn Finalist
Best Performing Junior Athlete 2013 Anna Whiteford Finalist
Best Performing Senior Athlete 2013 John Cullen Winner
Best Performing Senior Athlete 2013 Steven Ferrier Finalist
Services to Sport 2013 Tom Carruthers  
Services to Sport 2013 Jim Robertson  
Services to Sport 2013 Fiona MacDonald  


WDSC 2012 Sports Awards - List of Award Recipients

Club Volunteer Award

Winner - Ross McCombe, Clydebank RFC
Ross is former captain of Clydebank Rugby Football Club and the current Chairperson. His dedication to the club included obtaining a Rugby Development Officer for the club that has allowed for 1200 young people to gain access to the sport, as well as driving a funding bid for repair to the pavilion and pitches. In addition to his work with the club he has also drove forward the new Clydebank Community Sports Hub based in Whitecrook. Its aim is to provide sport and a community service to all local residents through joint working by local clubs. It will be the first of its kind in West Dunbartonshire.


Community Coach Award

Winner - Alastair Bateman
Alistair currently coaches three football teams - a fun fours team, an 11-aside team and also the newly created Riverside Champions, which is a football team for adults with disabilities. As well as encouraging everybody else at the club, he is the Secretary of Dumbarton Riverside Football Club and also Vice President of the Dunbartonshire Football Development League. Alistair is the main driver of club development, fund raising, festivals, coach recruitment and development, etc.The club now has 210 players which is testament to Alastair’s dedication. He currently volunteers approximately between 25 to 30 hours per week!


Development Coach

Winner - Martin Claxton
This award was made to a coach who, by using a player-centred approach, has ensured that athletes or teams with emerging talent have made an impact at district, regional or national level.


Performance Coach

Winner - Billy Haggarty
This award was presented to a coach working with athletes and teams at the highest level in their sport. The award looks for evidence of player-centred development leading to successful performance at the highest level of Scottish, UK or international sport.


Young Coach

Winner - Craig Cummine, Lomond Badminton
Craig is a 15 year old young man who is eager to learn and develop through sport. His reliability, willingness to listen and learn, timekeeping and preparation would put many an experienced coach to shame! Craig volunteers at Lomond Badminton Club, Alexandria Aikido Club and West Dunbartonshire’s Sports Youth Group on a weekly basis and has made a significant impact on all of these groups this year.


Young Coach

Winner - Michael Starkey
Michael is currently Clydebank Rugby Club’s main coach with a responsibility for the 1st and 2nd teams, planning all the related fitness and game related coaching. He also designs the coaching programme for the U18s and U15s midi teams. He works in conjunction with the Rugby Development officer to deliver rugby coaching to 300 primary school children. It is without doubt that his dedication has contributed to our club’s recent successes.


Disability Coach

Winner - Stephen Somerville, Sporting Judo Club Alba
Stephen has widened opportunities for those with a disability to participate in Judo. In the past year Stephen worked with schools and the new Dunbartonshire Disability Sport Club to offer an introduction to the sport, which led to a number of individuals taking up judo and joining the club. Within Sporting Judo Club Alba, he established a class specifically targeted at individuals with a disability, and has integrated some of our more able disabled players into the club’s mainstream classes. On the performance side he also coaches with the Scottish SN Judo Group (a national squad) and has led teams to events around the country and abroad.


Schools Volunteer

Winner - Jacqui McGalpine & Pauline Butchart
Together Jacqui and Pauline have voluntarily delivered an infant after school activity club at St Patricks for the last four years. They have shown great dedication to their personal development by attending several training courses provided through Active Schools and Sports Development. Their preparation of sessions is impeccable, and their delivery is both fun filled and educational with many participants every week.


Best Performing Junior Athlete

Winner - Neil MacDonald, Sporting Judo Club Alba
From a young age, Neil has shown a great dedication to training and competing within Judo. Neil was selected to fight for the Scottish cadet squad as soon as he turned 14yrs old. Despite his young age he has also competed and achieved success at the junior men’s level (U20’s) with a bronze at the Scottish International Open and a 5th place at the 2012 Commonwealth Judo Tournament. Neil is ranked number 1 in the British Cadet Rankings, and is currently representing Team GB in the European Cadet Championships in Montenegro.


Best Performing Senior

Winner - Ross Murdoch, WD Amateur Swimming Club
Ross is a member of West Dunbartonshire Swimming Club and is currently operating with the Scottish Gold swimming squad, the British Swimming ITC in Stirling and with the Scottish Institute of Sport. Ross is currently recognised as one of the top young breaststroke swimmers in Great Britain and has a major chance of attending Glasgow 2014. He is the current Scottish short course champion over 50 metres, and the Scottish Schools Champion. Ross has achieved a great deal of success nationally over the last 12 months, which has now been recognised with his first full Team GB cap.


Services to Sport

Winners - Richard O’Malley, Renton Craigandro FC & Peter Timmoney, Christie Park Bowling Club
This award was presented to an individual who has displayed outstanding dedication to sport in West Dunbartonshire over a prolonged period of time.


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